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How Surrounding Yourself with Positive Thinkers Can Transform Your Leadership During Times of Disruption

During times of disruption, do you see the clouds or the silver lining? Are you opportunistic or fatalistic when the unexpected arrives at your door? As a leader, if you tend towards the problem-identifier versus the problem-solver, have you intentionally surrounded yourself with some intuitive, creative and positive thinkers to balance things out and help you press through the present storm (cough, delayed FAFSA, cough cough)?

It is a gift to be able to see the light around a corner at the end of a dark tunnel, and not everyone possesses that gift. If you look around and see nothing but "obstacle obsessors" in your midst, your team is in trouble. Find that person (preferably plural) that can see the opportunity in every obstacle, and put them in places of influence, or at least open dialogue.

Winning teams are never overly focused on present realities. They always seem to be either reaching for something just beyond their grasp or straining for solutions beyond the circumstance.

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