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Enrollment Assessments

Legacy Higher Ed firmly believes in a “partnership” approach to assessing enrollment processes, strategies and structures instead of an auditing one.

Our teams will work collaboratively with campus stakeholders to identify areas for improvement, untested strategies and best practices that contribute to enrollment growth and stability. 


We never depart the campus assessment visit without providing a number of immediately actionable recommendations, and won’t make the institution wait long afterwards for our full report so that momentum is seized and leveraged for short-term benefit. 


Most of our enrollment assessments also feature a comprehensive look at enrollment marketing efforts and practices, led by Senior Affiliate Bart Caylor of Caylor Solutions. 


Recruitment and marketing efforts must be well-aligned in today’s higher education landscape, and the synergy gained through exploring both of these critical facets together by one assessment team is a powerful step towards a healthy enrollment culture that produces results. 


Admitted Student and Parent Intel 

Colleges and universities are at their best when taking a listening approach to their most engaged constituents. Legacy Higher Ed specializes in obtaining feedback from your prospective student audience through our Admitted Student Intel research project.  We collect feedback on the entire college search process from admitted freshman students and/or their parents, both those choosing your institution and those electing to attend elsewhere, in the early summer months before they head off to college.   

The feedback is compiled with comparative data between matriculants, non-matriculants and national data and presented on your campus with customized recommendations by a Legacy Higher Ed consultant in the fall so that institutions can implement strategic changes for the very next (current) recruitment cycle.  Participants are also able to add in custom questions to the comprehensive standard survey to address institution-specific topics of interest. 

Other enrollment research projects may be available upon request. Examples of these include academic program demand research and institutional perception research. 


Admissions Team Training  

In a highly competitive enrollment landscape, one critical component of success is admissions teams’ ability to distinguish their institution’s strengths, experience and outcomes from the plentiful options available to prospective students. 

Legacy Higher Ed’s affordable Admissions Team Training engagements focus heavily on the value proposition component of recruitment, providing participants with new ways of thinking about their communication to prospective students and their influencers while also equipping them with tools to become the most effective recruiters possible. 

We employ the use of interactive discussion, individual exercises and intuitive reasoning to sharpen and grow the essential skills that produce a highly effective recruitment professional.  Workbooks are provided for each participant to keep for reference following the training engagement. 


Enrollment Leadership Coaching

Legacy Higher Ed stands ready to support enrollment leaders through highly customizable coaching engagements, whether for a few months or longer term. Our coaching methodologies are crafted to ensure that participants receive comprehensive best practice perspectives on all critical components of enrollment management; strategic priorities, team structure and leadership, process efficiencies, cross-campus collaboration, funnel management, and much more. 

Coaching engagements will typically involve an initial campus visit for 1-2 days, followed by virtual meetings and phone calls on an agreed-upon schedule and potentially subsequent campus visits as desired. Additionally, your Legacy Higher Ed consultant will always be responsive to time-sensitive questions through email and phone call. 


Interim Leadership  

Recognizing the unpredictable nature of leadership transitions on college campuses and the opportunity costs related to going without expertise and leadership in the area of enrollment even for a brief time, Legacy Higher Ed is able to provide short-term interim leadership to your enrollment team.  This is available typically at the Vice President level, but Director-level positions and above will be considered based on capacity and institutional fit.  Interim leadership engagements will involve a blend of on campus and remote work, customizable to the institution’s priorities and needs, and will be served in renewable increments of 3-6 months. 


Financial Aid Strategy 

At their best, financial aid strategies work hand-in-hand with recruitment efforts to maximize enrollment and fiscal health at private institutions of all shapes and sizes. Legacy Higher Ed is committed to a two-pronged effort to create highly personalized and customized awarding strategies based on your specific realities, priorities and philosophical underpinnings.   

Through a relationship with Exceleration Solutions, our partner financial aid consulting firm serving small private institutions, we collaborate with institutional stakeholders to address financial aid awarding strategies within the context of your recruitment context and vision, lending dual expertise throughout the process.  The result is an awarding model and strategy informed by institutional data and vision, paired with industry expertise in both the enrollment and financial aid arenas. 

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